We have included this Q&A to answer several questions you may be pondering. We understand that you do have questions. Hopefully, this Q&A helps you understand how simple Independent Arbitration really is….

Q. Do I need to be licensed for this business?

A. No. There are no federal or state licensing requirements to perform this service at the present time. If and when that occurs, those of us already in the business will be "grandfathered in" which is the normal custom in most industries.

Q. How long does it take before I start generating business revenue?

A. Normally on average, anywhere from four days to two weeks.

Q. Is there a lot of competition ?

A. Very few people are presently doing this. There are so many cases available, 10,000 people couldn’t handle them in ten years. You can never run out of business.

Q. What is the average fee ?

A. The average dispute is around $12,000- - $20,000. The average fee is around $2,500. However, large cases abound and sometimes you can generate $5,000 - $15,000 or more in fees. It is quite common and not out of the ordinary.

Q. Am I smart enough to do this ?

A. If you have the knowledge, keep it simple, stay with my approach and policies, and use basic everyday common sense, you will succeed. It is not complex. It’s just a matter of knowing what procedures to follow. We teach you everything.

Q. Can I do this in my city or state ?

A. Independent Arbitration is a people business, not a geographic one.

Q. When do I get paid ?

A. You receive a retainer check at the beginning of the case and a cashier’s check in the full amount of your fee at the time of settlement. You do not bill accounts nor carry receivables. You are paid in advance, before settlement closing.

Q. Is it hard to negotiate with lawyers ?

A. No. You are doing much of the work for them and they get guaranteed payment without the hassle. They prefer to work on more profitable and complex cases. In many cases you are doing them a favor. We will teach you.

Q. Where do I get my accounts ?

A. In less than one week you will have accounts; we even provide your first client ! We teach and cover this in great detail.

Q. Is this similar to the collection business ?

A. We are not engaged in collections. We work on behalf of the debtor not the collector.

Q. Do I only handle one case per debtor ?

A. No. You may handle several now and several in the future- "where there is smoke, there is fire". Also you will get referrals from creditors, debtors, attorneys, business professionals and business owners.

Q. Why should I pay you to teach me ?

A. Maybe you shouldn't ! I'll let you be the judge after you review my video and the pages of this site. There are many other ways to make money. But this happens to be the easiest, simplest, fastest and most profitable way to make money and not invest a lot of time and money to get started. It pays better than anything I have seen in over 23 years of business experience, except making movies, defense contracting, running third world countries and winning the lottery. The decision is yours.

Q. Why are you so willing to share this knowledge with me when you are already successful and financially independent ?

A. Good question. Simple response. There is enough work to keep the population of Italy busy. Besides my first love is to teach & this is a wonderful opportunity to do some on my own terms.

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