Is Mentoring Necessary To Be Successful in Independent Arbitration?

Is Mentoring Necessary To Be Successful in Independent Arbitration ?

by James A. Gage

Behind every successful person, you'll find at least one or more mentors who helped them achieve that success. I know it's been true in my case. There are about ten people who have mentored me in one way or another over the last 25 years in business. Each has brought me something unique that only they could share, and I am immensely grateful for the impact they have made on my life and in the success of my business ventures.

In fact, my passion for creating viable home based businesses is a concept I learned from one of my mentors who is a multi-millionaire many times over – why re-invent the wheel !

Ask any successful person how they got to where they are. Most will answer, "I had a great mentor." What exactly does mentoring accomplish?

  • Mentoring accelerates learning and growth the way a good coach keeps a team's energy and focus on their goals.
  • Mentors share their knowledge and expertise without hesitation.
  • Mentors want you to succeed. They raise the bar, challenging you to set your goals higher.
  • Mentorship is Wisdom without the pain of mistakes.

  • The Time for Change is Now!

    You came to this web site because you are looking for a change. You are looking to take control of your future and accomplish great things. Well, you came to the right place. All the tools you need to build a successful independent arbitration business are here.

    Did you know that 75% of millionaires do not have college degrees? Want an example? Bill Gates ! He never finished his college education, but had great mentors!

    Now before you send me nasty e-mails, let me state right here, I’m an advocate of college degrees – I have many my self. However, just because you have a college degree does not guarantee success in life. If that were the case everyone would go to college or at least make the attempt too.

    So James what are you actually saying? What I am saying is this; what makes people successful is specialized knowledge, a niche market and a mentor(s) to get you where you need to be - fast !

    I am not here to insult your intelligence, anything can be figured out in over a period of time. But how many times do you want to fail or come up on the short end of the stick? There are people who can read a book and or listen to a CD and apply what they have absorbed, but that only accounts for about 8% of the population!

    My Pledge to You

    It’s plain and simple…"I will mentor (no $8.00 an hour employee reading off a script) a maximum of 15 people, that way I am available for you when you need me!"

    And since no two people have the exact same financial situation or goals. Instead of offering cookie-cutter programs and one-size-fits-all methods, we designs solutions and a unique business plan that meet your specific needs.

    You will receive a world class education in the Independent Arbitration opportunity with my negotiating skills and expertise of over 20 plus years at your beck and call. And much, much more …

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